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OK Everyone!

Here are some more of the TMNT Reference Guide Figures for your collection.

Remember, EVERY Saturday, I will be posting more, so check back each week and SPREAD THE WORD!

- Chris.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TMNT Figures Reference Images #1 & #2

Here you go everyone!

The first two figures from the TMNT figures re-boot that started up in 2003.

AGAIN, more each week, so come back often!


Hey everyone!

I have been working for some time now on a Reference Guide for collecting TMNT Figures. Franly, I got sick of buying stuff from sellers on Ebay, only to find out that the figure that was listed as "Complete" was anything but! So, each weekend, for the time being, I will upload one more reference image from my book that I have completed.

I am currently working on a reference book for the figures from 1988 to 1998, but that is a slow process, but an active project I am continuously working on.

I am looking for a publisher for my book, so stay tuned...


- Chris Nielsen